Additional Door
  • Additional Door

Additional Door


Add an additional door fitted to your garden building order. (Only available to order with a garden building).

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Door Height: Standard

Add an additional door to your garden building order.  (Only available to order with a garden building).

You can also customise your extra door below.

Please note that you can only opt to increase the door height if the garden building height has been increased accordingly.


Customise your Item:

Door Size
Increased Door Width to 3' 6"
[+ £80.00]
Door Height
Increase the height of the door (only available if you have increased the building height accordingly)
Increase Door Height by 4.5"
[+ £35.00]
Increase Door Height by 9"
[+ £70.00]
Increase Door Height by 13.5"
[+ £105.00]
Optional Extras
Pad Bolt Protector
[+ £70.00]
Security Bolted Hinges
[+ £65.00]
Stable Door
[+ £55.00]